The First Smart VA Solution for SMBs and Enterprise alike

A.I. Driven Smart Vulnerability Assessment (SmartVA)

Running without human supervision using deep learning techniques, Warden mimics security experts' methods, maximizing path coverage while intelligently eliminating false positives.

A single autonomous solution for all assets

Warden protects today's and tomorrow's networks by continuously autodiscovering assets and running Smart Vulnerability Assessments on them.

Internet of Things (IoT) Ready

The large vulnerability dataset collected over time by Warden can easily be searched and categorized using modern cloud technologies, giving specialists an efficient way to extract and correlate relevant information.

Easy to Use

Warden greatly simplifies asset & scan configuration through its extensive use of Artificial Intelligence, bringing security coverage of IoT devices that had long been forgotten.

Warden enables us to get continuous data on the security posture of our whole Internet presence, that is always up to date.

Jean-Sébastien Pilon, Principal Director Security & Innovation, Desjardins Group

Warden is very easy to use and can easily be left to work on its own, only to be informed when new vulnerabilities are discovered without intruding our workflow. In a context of a team with limited resources, it is very useful to get a quick view of what needs to be addressed and updated.

Raphaël Vinot, Incident Handling and CERT Operations at CIRCL

Using Warden allows our team to better focus on their core internal activity: managing IT resources. By automating these critical ope- rations, their time can be spent on more valuable activities, such as expanding and improving IT services.

Sébastien Caisse, Studio Head at Gearbox Studio Québec

Warden is a great solution. It gives us the visibility we need on our vulnerabilities without having to hire a dedicated security expert.

Steven Dion, IT Director at JLR

Using an innovative AI based vulnerability assessment tool is a no-brainer in order to optimize our operations, and get a real-time view of our security.

Julien Cousineau, CTO

Functionalities for both security experts and executives


Find all the assets on your network, even those you did not know were there.


Understand your security posture at a glance through comprehensive actionable intelligence.


Quickly find and organize an almost infinite number of assets, vulnerabilities and reports.

Scalable Security

Scale your security the same way you scale your network.

Detailed Reports

Get actionable data on what to fix
and where to fix it.


Easily integrate your specific tools & needs with our detailed API + SDK.


Supervise your assets using a modern, responsive and touch-ready interface.

Access Control

Manage delicate roles and responsibilities for your multiple teams.

The First Smart VA
Solution for the Enterprise