We’re proud to support and be part of NorthSec organization.

For the third year in a row now, Delve Labs will join efforts to support the biggest on-site applied security event in Canada.

NorthSec 2016

For the third year in a row now, Delve Labs will join efforts to support the biggest on-site applied security event in Canada : NorthSec.

NorthSec is aimed at raising the knowledge and technical expertise of professionals and students alike. NorthSec’s goal is to create a high quality security forum via a two-day single track conference featuring the best and brightest in various fields of expertise, followed by an intense 48 hour on-site CTF contest.

Once again, more than half our staff will offer upwards of 500 hours of their personal time to give back to the community by being part of an army of volunteers, selecting high quality talks from world-class speakers, helping design a complete set of industry leading training sessions and lending their hands to building the largest on-site CTF for 50 teams, backed a crazy whole-Internet-simulating infrastructure.

Each year, more than 500 security experts and students attend this highly technical conference and participate in the competition to win honours. In what is recognized as one of the toughest CTFs in the industry, they cover subjects including cryptography, forensics, network security, web security, reverse engineering, hardware exploitation.

The story doesn’t end there. At every iteration of the event, security consulting companies ensure a strong presence by creating teams where their senior analysts pair with new recruits and interviewees in the hope of improving their level of expertise and hiring new talented security experts.

The security industry is in dire need of expertise, with more than 30% of companies recognizing their lack of resources in the field. With cybersecurity job offerings growing three times faster as openings for IT jobs overall, events such as NorthSec are of utmost importance because they help to create a continuous influx of new talent to support the growth that the market demands.

Delve Labs is proud to support this kind of non-profit initiative because it benefits both the local community and the security industry as a whole, and it provides part of the solution to the ever-growing problem of recruitment & expertise scarcity.

We’re all looking forward to this year’s edition being a great success!