Are you a reseller or managed service provider looking to add a vulnerability assessment solution to your portfolio of security solutions? Partnering with Delve Labs means you will offer your customers the latest, most innovative technology in VA. You will give your customers a complete view of their assets and vulnerabilities in a continuous and autonomous fashion. You will be given a license of Warden to showcase to your clients, full support, and training.


HoneyTek Systems is an established and creative business consulting company founded on the principles of innovation, technology expertise, and superior customer service.


GoSecure’s mission is to provide services and technology that enable organizations to manage cyber risk and implement balanced cyber security controls.


OMVAPT’s mission & vision is to ensure the information is safe in the organisation by analyzing the security posture of the organisation and validating exposed vulnerabilities.
OMVAPT is Delve Labs’ distributor for APAC region.


The Computer Incident Response Center Luxembourg (CIRCL) is a government- driven initiative designed to provide a systematic response facility to computer security threats and incidents.


Threatcare allows organizations to better defend against cybersecurity threats by improving vulnerability management and defense capabilities. Threatcare offers both product and strategic services.


Vulsec attacks security risk from a technology standpoint instead of a policy standpoint, which allows us to verify that the infrastructure in place is beholding to the policies and processes that protect an organization.

TSI Cyber

TSI Cyber is a full service information security consulting firm and managed security service provider specializing in helping clients Identify and remediate threats and protect against risks to their IT infrastructure.

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